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Taking the Next Step Together: A Family Guide to Senior Living

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This free senior living guide will guide you in seven distinct areas:

1. When is It Time to Consider Senior Living?

Explore the signposts that are most indicative of the need to consider senior living for an aging parent, including “red flags” family members should not ignore.

2. How to Choose the Right Senior Living Community for Your Family

Evaluating the various types of senior living options— specifically, independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing, and continuing care retirement communities (CCRC)—can be overwhelming. Get a comprehensive look at the types of options available to determine the best choice for your loved one, as well as be equipped with checklists of what to look for when touring a senior living community and which questions to ask.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Live in a Senior Community?

Explore the average costs to live in various types of senior living communities, as well as what factors can impact those fees. The article also identifies ways to pay for senior living and explores the benefits and drawbacks of long-term care insurance.

4. When You Can’t Agree: Managing Conflict about a Loved One’s Care

Siblings coming to consensus about their parents’ care can be a challenge, so it’s important to know the action steps for managing the conflict before it can occur. Learn about effective communication, sharing responsibilities, assigning roles, and consulting a third-party mediator as needed.

5. What to Put on Your Senior Living Checklist: Planning & Preparing

Find out about the four key steps to prepare for a move to senior living. Also learn what not to bring, as well as a list of amenities provided by most assisted living communities so that your family’s transition can be seamless.

6. Transitioning to Senior Living: How to Adjust to a New Family Dynamic

Moving to a senior living community is a major adjustment. These five tips will make the transition easier for both you and your loved one. Also learn the ins and outs of visiting protocols and how to make your visit at the senior living community an enjoyable experience.

7. How OurParents’ “Senior Living Advisors” Can Ease the Transition

It can be very difficult to handle all the details related to a senior living transition on your own. That’s why OurParents’ knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate Senior Living Advisors are dedicated to assisting families like yours with the critical decisions and steps involved. Learn about the free resources offered that can help you navigate the steps necessary to ensure a successful move-in and transition.


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